SAP Business One HANA User Experience

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Customized Online Cockpit with SAP Business One HANA Use SAP Business One HANA personalized work center to view, search, organize and perform your regular work. It also simplifies access to information and Improves user experience. Enterprise Search Google-like search, search into your ERP any field any data. Access the most relevant SAP Business One data […]

Benefits of SAP Business One for SAP HANA

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Leverage the power of SAP HANA in-memory computing to transform your business to run smarter, faster, and simpler in a digital world. Agile Get real-time business information when you need it to define and focus on the right priorities clearly. Insight Leverage a single platform for analytics and transactions to get unprecedented insight-to-action capabilities. Take […]

Predictive Analytics and Pervasive Analysis

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SAP HANA dramatically reshapes the underlying structure and capability of your IT landscape. Undergoing an SAP HANA upgrade transforms your IT from the ground up to better performance, flexibility, and analytics with predictive analysis. The most obvious SAP HANA benefits come from the speed boost that transformation provides. Traditional databases can only keep a small […]

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