Customized Online Cockpit

Personalized work center to view, search, organize and perform your regular work. It also simplifies access to information and Improves user experience.

Enterprise Search

Google-like search, search into your ERP any field any data.
Access the most relevant SAP Business One data with freestyle search.
Locate business information just as you search on the internet and enjoy a seamless user experience. You can also search templates, filter on dates, and sort results.

Analytical Portal

The analytical portal allows you to publish and share documents like Crystal Reports and MS Excel documents. Documents can be run on different devices, and they can also be scheduled and sent via mail or downloaded in different formats.

SAP Business One Sales Mobile Native App

A mobile solution that is tailored for handling sales activities anywhere at any time. It also gives you insight into customers, deals, and predictability in sales operations.

Supported Functions

  • Managing activities
  • Check-in location of sales activities
  • Customer data management
  • Viewing items and inventory
  • Managing sales documents (opportunities, quotation, order)

SAP Business One Service Mobile Native App

A mobile solution to manage and fulfill service activities anywhere at any time. You can access data and get insights about customers, service calls and history, resolutions, attachments, and sales orders.