Honeywell Voice Guided Solutions

What is Honeywell Voice?


Honeywell Voice is an innovative voice technology solution that provides warehouse and inventory personnel with a safe, efficient and precise handsfree workflow.

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Honeywell Voice Guided Solutions

Watch the Honeywell Voice 10 Pick Challenge

See the difference between voice picking technology vs. handheld to pallet.

Honeywell Voice Guided Solutions

“Consultare is honored to be part of the Honeywell family. The Voice Guided Solutions of Honeywell will enable us to provide our customers with the newest and best technology available to run their warehouses efficiently.”

— Gustavo Zientek, Founder & CEO

Consultare Has Partnered With Honeywell

Consultare has partnered with Honeywell to integrate Vocollect into our SAP Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Honeywell is the leading provider of innovative voice technology solutions, helping businesses with mobile workers run better with voice.

How Voice Picking Can Benefit Your Business

Here are just a few ways how voice picking can benefit your business…

  • Increased Accuracy

Implementing a voice picking solution can reduce picking errors up to 25% and increase fulfillment accuracy over 99.9%.

  • Increased Productivity

Freeing staff of having to use a scanner or check paper pick lists can increase productivity up to 35%.

  • Increased Saftey

Because workers are working hands-free and heads-up, voice-directed systems decrease warehouse-related accidents by 20%.

  • Scalability

During holidays and other peak times, a voice picking system is flexible enough to handle additional workers and workflows.

  • Reduced Turnover

With a tool to make their work more productive, warehouse operators will experience more job satisfaction and stay on the job longer.

  • Reduced Training Time

A voice picking solution enables rapid adoption of automation in which it takes less time to onboard new workers.

  • Management Visibility

By supplying the right real-time information about warehouse workflow, your company’s managers can make faster decisions.

  • Multilingual Capabilities

By supplying the right real-time information about warehouse workflow, your company’s managers can make faster decisions.

  • Digitalization Of Your Enterprise

integration of a voice picking solution into your ERP can help you not only reduce paperwork but also continue to grow the automation of your company’s workflows and make them more efficient.

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