Business Process Automation

What is the Codeless BPA Platform?

Codeless BPA Platform has been SAP certified since 2011, enabling SAP Business One users to integrate SAP Business One with other business systems and services. Automation can be applied to multiple business processes, such as order management, inventory and pricing updates etc., and notification and alerting capabilities can also be added. 

Depending on what you want to achieve, most processes you define are achieved in a 100% ‘code-free’ experience. However, scripting can be called upon where standard functionality is unable to achieve a given solution. You automate an employee process by dragging and dropping icons onto a canvas and linking them together in a process flow. The correlation of these tools replicate the physical employee process to your exact business rules.

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Advantages of BPA Platforms Integration into SAP Business One

Improve Efficiencies and Employee Productivity

Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability

Eradicate Human Error and Reduce Exposure Risk to Financial Risk

Improve Decision Making and Company Performance

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