What is OneAsphalt?

OneAsphalt is our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application tailored for businesses in the asphalt industry. With OneAsphalt you’ll be able to perform complex estimation calculations that standard software can’t!

Whether you need to generate an estimate or manage a project, OneAsphalt will be the only solution you need for small and large asphalt projects.

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Powered by SAP Business One, OneAsphalt is the leading ERP solution for the Asphalt industry. Here are some included features.

Fully Integrated Accounting Package

Our accounting package is fully integrated allowing for automation of simple tasks and streamlining of systems, making accounting as simple as possible.

Use Your Own Formulas For Profit Calculations

We understand every business is unique so we implement OneAsphalt around your business so you’ll be able to use your own formulas for profit calculations instead of locking you into using some cookie cutter formula.

Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

With our complete and fully integrated CRM you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts all while having your estimates seamlessly integrated into the CRM.

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Real Time Data Analytics

With OneAsphalt’s real time data analytics, you’ll always have access to the data you need to make strategic decisions on the spot.

28 Supported Languages & 47 Country Localizations

If your business operates internationally managing taxes can be a hassle, but with with OneAsphalt’s 47 country localizations, we make international tax management easy. OneAsphalt also supports 28 languages so our solution is ready no matter where your business operates.

Why Choose OneAsphalt?

Estimating & Proposal Building Made Easy

Estimating made easy! Watch your sales and gross profit grow as data that is collected conveniently flows into proposals.

Have Full Control of your Business

Powered by SAP Business One, OneAsphalt’s fully integrated business suite allows you to have full control of your business and it’s projects in real-time!

Custom Made for the Asphalt Industry

We custom made OneAsphalt for the asphalt industry, giving you everything you need to run your business efficiently without distracting you with unnecessary features.

Prevent Human Errors

By having OneAsphalt serve as your single repository for data you’ll prevent human errors and prevent the double entry of information, allowing your business to run efficiently.

Implemented Using Best Practices

When implementing OneAsphalt we use the best practice guidelines recommended by SAP, making for an intuitive workflow and a great user experience.

Avoid "Independent Silos" of Information

If you’re using two or more nonintegrated solutions to run your business, then you’re at risk of creating “independent silos of information” where your employees may not be able to effectively share data, avoid this by using OneAsphalt as your sole business solution.

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