Predictive Analytics and Pervasive Analysis

SAP HANA dramatically reshapes the underlying structure and capability of your IT landscape. Undergoing an SAP HANA upgrade transforms your IT from the ground up to better performance, flexibility, and analytics with predictive analysis.

The most obvious SAP HANA benefits come from the speed boost that transformation provides. Traditional databases can only keep a small portion of data in memory at once. The system is constrained by the time it takes to read data off the hard drive into memory, creating a performance bottleneck. HANA solves this problem by keeping everything in memory, which allows your system to access and operate on data much more quickly.

That improves everything from customer transaction speed to complex reporting and analytics. Other innovations in the underlying structure of the database provide even better speed — particularly for complex queries and processes. But the more profound benefits of SAP HANA come from the way its new capabilities are harnessed within your industry, use case, and organization.

Overall SAP HANA Benefits

The HANA speed boost isn’t just good for productivity and customer satisfaction — it also qualitatively transforms what you can do with your database. Real-time analytics aren’t really an option on traditional relational databases because digging up data and crunching the numbers takes too long and uses too many resources. Complex reports can take days to process, which imposes workflow constraints.

That means you can’t simply model a new financial strategy or game out a new way of organizing logistics at will — someone else needs that bandwidth at the moment. This tends to limit the kinds of questions you can ask and makes your organization slower to react to changing market conditions.

SAP HANA benefits customers by changing the rules that govern how you can use information. You can access your data in real-time, use predictive modeling and flexible queries to get answers to complex questions and evaluate options that would have been too computationally intensive.

SAP Business One HANA includes Pervasive Analytics, Forecasting, Cash Flow modeling, Excel reporting, and a “ton” of widgets to configure your cockpit with dashboards that make sense to your business.

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