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When Does a Life Sciences Business Need an ERP?

Life sciences businesses are fast-paced and require precision, speed, and maximum efficiency to thrive. Therefore, the industry is filled with innovative trends to ensure new products hitting the market are competitive and efficient to meet customers’ needs. Microbiologists, medical laboratory practitioners, and medical device manufacturers require new technologies and an

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Energize the Power of SAP Business One Innovation

We are in the age of Big Data. Therefore, even the smallest businesses will face the impact of ever-increasing numbers of transactions and all the associated record-keeping. Additionally, database sizes will grow exponentially and ERP Systems like SAP Business One will be the storage locations for all the company’s data.

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Digital Transformation in Your Business with SAP Business One

Despite the rapidly growing construction industry, many small and medium-sized businesses face daunting challenges to thrive. Moreover, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has meant companies have had to transform how they operate overnight. Digital transformation will revolutionize your processes and let you have better customer relations, buying behaviors, and much more.

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It’s All in the Data: The Evolution of Data Capturing in Pharma Industry

The requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act are strict. Companies in the pharma industry that will be best able to handle these new regulations use data capture to register where a product’s raw materials are coming from and who shipped them. Why is it necessary? Businesses that have

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Transform your SME business into Intelligent Enterprise

The buzzword these days is “Intelligent Enterprise”. It is not rocket science. In a fast and transitioning business world, the SAP Business One ERP solution provides a holistic approach.  This allows SME businesses to transform themselves into intelligent enterprises. From our point of view, the intelligent enterprise is about three

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