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SAGE vs. SAP Business One

There is always a battle for the best ERP solutions in the software world. SAP Business one is a leading ERP software widely used by many companies across different industries. SAGE X3 has been a flagship ERP solution in the United States also. Many small businesses are usually at a

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Choosing the Right ERP Solution for a Life Sciences Business

Life sciences businesses are unique, especially when choosing the best business tools to support them. When the lab work is over, and it is time to take it to the market, the life science business might face extreme challenges if the right tools are not deployed. Some concerns with establishing

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SAP Business One vs Quickbooks: Why?

Every business wants the best system, and getting the correct information is critical when making this crucial decision. We call these systems ERP. That stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. With several ERP solutions in the market, you might wonder if upgrading your current one will be worth it. Many businesses

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Enhance Your Business Impact Through Digitalization

Digitalization in business has become essential for business success nowadays, especially in the post-pandemic scenario. From automating their marketing activities to processing orders and automating AP Invoicing, businesses need to fully leverage digital technologies. So, what is Digitalization? If you think it is digital transformation or digitization, you are wrong! 

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Top Digitalization Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

Like other major industries, manufacturing is leaning towards innovation and technological advancement. Customers’ expectations are high, and trends are continuously changing, therefore, the manufacturing industry must stay ahead of the game using digital transformation. Digital transformation comes with a lot of advantages which include: increased efficiency better customer satisfaction reduced

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