Platform Extensibility – Custom Development at the Service and Semantic Layer

App Framework for Custom Development

  • Empower SAP Business One ecosystem to build easy to extend, lightweight, web-based, analytical applications providing business insights.
  • Enrich traditional add-ons with web-based analytical applications on the new lightweight framework.
  • Leverage the built-in strengths of SAP HANA to develop apps at the low cost of development on a lean stack with big data processing.
  • Optimize the efficiency of business processes.
  • Run directly on SAP HANA appliance with minimized TCO and excellent performance.

Service Layer

  • Equivalent Business Object coverage to DI API
  • SAP HANA views can be queried to retrieve all necessary data at once
  • Built on core protocols such as HTTP and Odata
  • Implement server-side JavaScript extension hosted in Script Engine
  • Highly scalable (parallel-processing)
  • High availability (load balancing)

Semantic Layer

  • Pre-delivered and ready-to-use content for reporting and analytical purposes
  • The basis for adaptation and enhancements
  • Facilitate and speed up implementation

Includes Models for These Areas

  • ADM
  • AP (purchasing)
  • AR (sales)
  • CRM (opportunities)
  • Banking
  • Financials
  • Stock

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