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How critical is the digital platform for SMB’s?

Every organization, small or big, try their best to match the expectations of their customers. With Covid-19, many aspects of our personal and work lives are now conducted online via digital platforms.  Hence, changing your business model to what your customers want with a digital platform for SMB’s is crucial.

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Transform your Business Digitally with SAP Business ONE

With the emergence of the digital economy, “People”, “Business”, and “Things” are becoming more and more connected. Many aspects of our personal and work lives are now conducted online via digital platforms. This results in all the existing business models changing. To survive and flourish, you need to become an

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Leverage your ERP to achieve Pharmaceutical Serialization

If your business is into pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industry, you must be aware of the importance of batch serialization and the challenges faced from being able to trace inventory by batch number to managing serialized items individually. It is often time-consuming and extremely inconvenient. Not surprisingly, in this situation, you must be

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Female biologist holding bottle with new medication, vaccination lab research

Traceability Has Become Easiest With Batch Traceability 360

Traceability has never been more critical for an ever-evolving industry like pharma. Consumers and regulatory authorities have high expectations that are only getting higher. Imagine a scenario where your supplier notifies that there is a severe flaw in the batches they delivered. You have used goods in multiple production processes,

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