Increased Warehouse Safety Through Voice Guided Solutions

Increased Warehouse Safety Through Voice Guided Solutions

Because workers are working hands-free and heads-up, voice-directed systems decrease warehouse-related accidents by 20%. Warehouse safety is a top concern for owners and managers everywhere, but traditional methods of picking can leave workers vulnerable to potential accidents throughout the distribution center. Focusing on a pen and paper, or on a

Increasing Productivity with a Voice Picking Solution

Did you know that freeing your staff of scanners and paper pick lists can increase productivity up to 35%. When picking items in a distribution center, the amount of time involved in every step of the process quickly adds up and reduces workers’ productivity. The simple actions of checking a

The Accuracy of Implementing a Voice Picking Solution

Did you know that implementing a voice picking solution can reduce picking errors up to 25% and increase fulfillment accuracy over 99.9%? When using pen and paper, or scanners for picking in a warehouse, inaccuracies are a real concern. Improperly packing an order is a common occurrence using manual recording

Why organizational culture matters

The Significance of Organizational Culture and Why It Matters

An organization is a common platform with individuals working in harmony to earn income for themselves and profits for the platform. People enable the pursuit of common goals and individual goals through specific actions within an organization directed by its unique organizational culture. An organizational culture comprises of beliefs, principles,


Features of ProcessForce that Enhance SAP Business One

Process manufacturing involves advanced and complex operations to meet the needs of consumers worldwide. SAP Business One has a plethora of options for automation and integration of your business needs. When paired with ProcessForce, the combination will give a comprehensive and multifaceted solution for advanced manufacturers. Here are the eight

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