Can an ERP Purchase Be Capitalized? IRS Section 179

a notepad with scrabble letters spelling tax advantages next to a cup of coffee

If you’re a US company, you might already know about a U.S. tax deduction called Section 179. This tax benefit means you can deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment within the year it’s purchased, instead of writing off small amounts over many years. For tax years beginning in 2022, the maximum section 179 […]

OneAsphalt: Build Better Outcomes

a yellow machine is driving down the road

Running an asphalt business is as rewarding as it is challenging. The asphalt industry is a primary resource for producing asphalt and other sand and gravel materials. It is also responsible for providing paving and asphalt in residential and commercial properties. Asphalt companies can work with hundreds of contractors and government entities locally. Managing the […]

Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Out of Quickbooks to an ERP

a stack of books sitting on top of a table

Numbers don’t lie. This is precisely the reason why you should believe that the global market share for ERP software is expected to reach $47 billion for a good reason. As a business owner, it might be hard to part ways with Quickbooks, mainly because they’re incredibly affordable. Nonetheless, as time goes by, you’ll realize […]

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