Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Out of Quickbooks to an ERP

Numbers don’t lie. This is precisely the reason why you should believe that the global market share for ERP software is expected to reach $47 billion for a good reason. As a business owner, it might be hard to part ways with Quickbooks, mainly because they’re incredibly affordable. Nonetheless, as time goes by, you’ll realize that while they get the job done, they don’t allow you to maximize on your company’s data. They thus limit your productivity, which automatically means slow growth. This is among of the main reasons why you should join the bandwagon of ERP users. Below are even more reasons to make the transition.

An ERP Uses a Better Accounting System

When you first start a business, Quickbooks usually pack all the features a new business needs. They’re easy to use; hence, you can deal with the numbers yourself, reliable, and on top of it all affordable. However, as time goes by, your business will require software that handles more than basic accounting needs. It’ll need software that automates the process of data importation to save time and one that offers more storage space without slowing down. The good bit is that an ERP System packs all these features and more, hence enabling you to make the most of your business’s data.

Nobody Can Delete Information

Almost all Quickbooks operations are done manually. From data entry, task configuration to data importation. This means that nearly anyone, including outsiders, can operate a Quickbooks. This puts your business at risk as valuable information can be stolen and deleted. As noted earlier, most of ERP processes are automated, and not everyone can operate the software. Additionally, there’re plenty of ways to secure your information. Thus, you don’t have to worry about deletion or important info falling on the wrong hands.

Improved Project Management

Most projects fail because employee lack access to the information they need when using QuickBooks. With a good ERP software, you’re able to give them access to all the information they need to handle projects well. This improves collaboration as each department gets access to relevant info it needs from other departments to complete a project. As a result, everyone gets a chance to see the bigger picture, which in turn creates a holistic environment in which everyone works towards the same goal.

Other Reasons to Upgrade

  • Improved service management
  • Better inventory management
  • An all-rounded view of business operations
  • Increased productivity

In a nutshell, the benefits you accrue when you upgrade to ERP are endless. Even though it has a few downsides, the benefits of an ERP system outweigh the cons. We understand that a majority of businesses usually fail at implementation, which is why we offer to shoulder the burden for you by handling the implementation process. On top of that, we’ll walk with you the rest of the way and provide support where needed.

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