Why Should You Emotionally Connect with Your Digitalization Decisions

In the current scenario, digitalization is vital when running any business worldwide. They have shown a significant impact, especially during the pandemic.

Digital transformation success depends mainly on a leader’s ability to motivate team members.

It is not just about technology – it’s also about people.

The key to digital transformation success lies in an organization’s ability to change not only its technology stack but also the attitude and mindset of its employees and leaders. For most organizations, the human aspect of change will be a more significant challenge than technology.

CIOs are tasked with driving a legacy-laden world into a digital one. Meanwhile, IT teams implementing this monumental shift can face depression and burnout. The need for speed can fray emotions, stretch intelligence, and test patience. Pressure can challenge CIOs’ ability to make sound decisions and push the limits of their emotional intelligence.

Influential leaders need to be able to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions so that they can positively influence the feelings of others. It also helps us give and receive feedback, meet deadlines, deal with challenging relationships, function in resource-constrained environments, manage change, and deal with setbacks, failure, and, yes – success.

With this in mind, here are some key factors to keep in mind to connect with digital transformation emotionally:

  • Business needs are essential. It’s not just about technology. Understanding stakeholders’ requirements, mindsets, and openness to change is the crux of digital transformation.
  • Employee experiences and expectations continually change, especially in the post-pandemic work environment. How well do you understand today’s workers and user segments, aspirations, and expectations from apps and services?
  • Be able to handle criticism, pushbacks, disappointments, roadblocks, and other situations.
  • The key to taking action is always listening to your team and asking the right questions. In an organization, data is knowledge, and people are knowledgeable. Team members, partners, and customers are all sources that drive solutions.

Consultare has positioned clients to achieve digital maturity by focusing on data, customer-centricity, and exponential return on investment. We enable digital transformations that intelligently build upon the strategies we set into motion.

Remember, for successful digitalization, technology must work. But nothing works without people!

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