Voice Picking Solutions Provide the Scalability You Need in a Pinch

During holidays and other peak times, a voice picking system is flexible enough to handle the scalability of additional workers and workflows.

Seasonal fluctuations in staffing can make a consistent worker management system expensive to implement or difficult to coordinate. With the Consultare supplied voice picking solution, the built-in software and ability to function alongside current devices provides flexibility that could be unattainable otherwise.

We offer the number one voice solution in the industry, specifically designed to fully leverage existing ERP and WMS technology investments with the industry’s broadest and deepest data integration solution portfolio.

The solution we offer provides an elegantly integrated solution from the headset to the host data system that speeds the worker onboarding process and helps all pickers to work more confidently and efficiently. This provides you with immediate operational benefits, without multi-year infrastructure commitments that reduce your flexibility to adapt to changes in the business environment.

In addition to integrating with your current system, the voice solution also has pick up and go capabilities for seasonal workers. While your regular workers can take the time to be fully synced with the system, seasonal workers can be quickly integrated with the basic level of voice recognition and still enjoy the benefits of a guided voice picking solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how our supplied voice solution can improve your scalability, flexibility, and overall performance.

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