Transform your SME business into Intelligent Enterprise

The buzzword these days is “Intelligent Enterprise”. It is not rocket science. In a fast and transitioning business world, the SAP Business One ERP solution provides a holistic approach.  This allows SME businesses to transform themselves into intelligent enterprises.

From our point of view, the intelligent enterprise is about three things. 

  • Customers: The ability to create an environment for customers to interact with customers and feel a thrill in doing so.
  • Employees: To allow them to shift from repetitive low-value activities to high-value impactful activities.
  • Partners: Understand and act on the sentiment of your partners.

So, if you are thinking, “Oh no, this is something for larger organizations”, then my buddy, you are wrong. 

The reality is that this affects everybody. Let’s think about all these companies we love, like Uber and Airbnb. They all started as SMBs, so the reality is that intelligent enterprises will thrive, and most will happen with small businesses.

We know what you are thinking! 

We have identified two probable challenges you think your business might face if you make a shift towards Intelligent Enterprise.

  1. Limited Experience: We agree that for SMEs like yours, it’s unlikely that a small enterprise will have anyone who knows about machine learning and algorithms.
  2. Daily Execution: It’s difficult for you to take a time out, look at what’s possible, and work on creating a new reality.

Believe it or not, this challenge isn’t limited to SMEs – the same thing happens even in large companies.

So, we recommend using a strong ERP system like SAP Business One that

  • Integrates data and processes
  • Build flexible value chains
  • Innovate with industry best practices

Components of an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Business One

  • Business technology platform: Along with data management and analytics, the Business Technology platform supports application development and integration to automate your business. 
  • Experience management application: The SAP Experience management solution seamlessly captures the sentiment of your customers and partners to understand what they want and feel about your brand. 
  • Business Process Intelligence: With real-time insights, intelligent enterprises can optimize their business processes making them faster. 
  • Cloud infrastructure: With the SAP cloud platform, you can scale your business operations to the next levels, while reducing overall costs.

With our expertise in SAP technologies, Consultare is helping businesses rapidly transform into future-ready intelligent enterprises. With a proven track record as an SAP implementation partner, we offer simple and practical technology solutions that are customized for your business needs.

Consult to co-innovate with us! 

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