The Limitations of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online provides an effective organizational tool for new or small businesses trying to handle their finances. The cloud-based solution is accessible from any web-accessible device or internet browser. It enables companies to execute various financial tasks, including invoice creation, cash flow tracking, and tax return organization.


Although QuickBooks Online is optimized for smaller businesses, its software can help larger companies scale up when called upon.


That said, there are limitations to QuickBooks online. If it’s on your software shortlist, read on to learn more about where it might come up short:


Subpar Item Management

In terms of an item management system, QuickBooks Online is ineffective in spots. QuickBooks Online’s disadvantages are its poor changelog and underwhelming document management solutions for existing pieces.


As an item management system, QuickBooks Online struggles with item oversight, warehouse operations, and reporting. As a result, all workflows and logistics that need monitoring could easily get lost in the shuffle.


No Differentiation From Standard QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online and the standard version share many similarities. Unfortunately, this means the limitations are much the same as the traditional software: a lack of audit control, not enough broad or deep functionality, and shallow scalability.


Adopting a solution with deep, long-term viability for your company can do wonders. For example, one of the advantages of integration in SAP Business One is those audit controls and changelogs that the software lacks in document management.


That means previous documents, serial numbers, expiration dates, etc., stay current and only change when an approved person alters them. Furthermore, SAP Business One contains a self-service business intelligence platform to aid in reporting.


While QuickBooks Online is a valuable resource, it lacks some features essential to the growth of companies. A more well-rounded solution like SAP Business One can help your business cover more bases and prepare you to thrive going forward.


Do the advantages of SAP Business One integration intrigue you?

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