The Accuracy of Implementing a Voice Picking Solution

Did you know that implementing a voice-picking solution can reduce picking errors by up to 25%? It can also increase fulfillment accuracy by over 99.9%.

Inaccuracies are a real concern when using pen and paper or scanners for picking in a warehouse. Improperly packing an order is a common occurrence using manual recording methods and inevitably affects your customer satisfaction.

Using a voice-assisted picking solution guides workers through every step of the picking process. Thus, minimizing errors and improving focus. With a traditional clipboard, pencil, or even a scanner, accuracy is often only around 98.5% for any warehouse.

Consultare’s Solution

With Consultare’s offered voice-picking solution, workers have the aisle, and bin number for each order read aloud to them and are asked for updates as they move throughout the warehouse. Even in the final pick, the system will prompt the picker for the last 2-3 digits of the item to verify the accuracy of the order. The recurring vocal confirmations throughout the picking process ensure that your staff is attentive throughout their shift.

Amongst other voice-picking solutions, the Consultare provided solution ensures the highest level of accuracy. A typical headset picks up standard warehouse noises that are then processed by a voice recognition engine. This includes common sounds such as pallet drops, truck beeps, conveyor mechanism sounds, and freezer fans. Each of these unwanted noises causes voice recognition interpretation delays. Using voice-picking technology paired with our durable headsets specialized for use in distribution centers, you can bring your order accuracy up to 99.9%.

This proprietary technology is a major leap forward in helping to improve the worker experience as it reduces unwanted word and sound insertions by more than 50% with its high-fidelity acoustic sampling capabilities. The tried and tested combination of hardware and software makes our supplied voice solution the best in the industry for guided work.

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