Taking Warehouse Management to Optimized Levels

Consultare is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Honeywell, a Fortune 100 technology leader. They will work to integrate an innovative voice-picking solution into their SAP Business One Warehouse Management System.

Honeywell provides Voice Guided solutions for many global industries. They address some of the most critical security, energy, and productivity challenges. Well-known globally for crafting innovative and highly functional fusions between hardware and software, the tech giant creates solutions that improve utilities, buildings, aircraft, factory workflow, and supply chains. They are heavily invested in the future and have pioneered automation control, ensured safety in the aerospace industry, redefined building technologies, and fabricated safety and productivity solutions worldwide.

Honeywell’s world-class ERP has long relied on SAP Business One’s efficient WMS. It uses it to organize warehouse functions, optimize business processes, and streamline daily operations. An SAP Gold Channel Partner who has earned a Recognized Expertise Award for SAP Business One, Consultare was recommended by SAP Leadership in May 2019. They have been engaged by Honeywell to boost their WMS’s functionality. Their teamwork has led to another innovative solution that will provide a safer and more precise hands-free workflow for warehousing and inventory personnel.

Consultare Partners with Honeywell

Globally, Consultare is the first SAP Business One Partner to sign up with Honeywell. Because of its in-depth knowledge and expertise with distributing systems, Consultare is uniquely positioned to help implement, distribute and support this voice-enabled warehouse management system in North and Latin America.

The solution utilizes speech recognition and speech synthesis to assist warehouse personnel. This applies during warehouse processes, facilitating communication with the warehouse management system. This SAP-integrated voice picking solution provides extraordinary advantages. It also delivers more efficiency than traditional picking solutions would in a warehouse. The voice-directed system will increase company ROIs and improve warehouse performance, safety, and scalability. Its multilingual capabilities will also increase the diversity of its implementation, extending its global use.

Both Consultare and Honeywell have enjoyed a long-standing professional relationship. This is because of Honeywell’s reliance on SAP for its ERP, and the integration of the new solution. These take that relationship to another lucrative and mutually beneficial level.

Consultare is pleased and proud to partner with Honeywell. They are taking another significant step into the future of the tech industry. Done by offering this innovative SAP-integrated voice picking warehouse management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. With this innovative solution resulting from their teamwork, both companies have reaffirmed their reputable positions as fore-runners in the tech landscape. They are invested in making the world a safer, smarter and more sustainable place.

Visit our Honeywell Vocollect page for more info.

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