Take Advantage of the Great SAP Business One Features You Might Have Missed

SAP Business One helps you streamline your company’s operations by being able to better communicate with your customers, boost your efficiency and help spur profitable growth. But did you know that you can leverage the power of SAP Business One even more by utilizing some of its more commonly overlooked features? Here is some excellent SAP Business One feature that is well worth exploring:

Worldwide language support

Extend your business reach to global markets. When activating this SAP Business One feature, you can present field data in multiple languages, including values and quotes. You can also display and print documents in multiple languages.

Alternative item offerings in an out-of-stock situation

Retain profits by giving your customers other options when a product is unavailable. If you run out of stock in a certain product, you can recommend substitute items for your customers to consider.

Inventory allocation

Improve visibility into your inventory. If you have a batch or serial control set up, use this SAP Business One feature to rapidly tag inventory to the customers you specify. This information can then be viewed in inventory reports.

Mobile apps and Assistant Bots

Track information about your inventory, sales, and production line on the move through SAP Business One’s mobile application. Using social media channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the SAP Business One Assistant Bot updates you with real-time, accurate information.


Filter and display metrics quickly using SAP Business One’s dashboards for cash flow forecasting, purchase quotes or sales analysis. You can use predefined dashboards or define your own to visualize the metrics you need.

Easy handling unit creation

Make handling unit creation a background process with SAP Business One by using this feature for automatic packing in delivery transactions such as WM (Warehouse Management) and EWM (Extended Warehouse Management).

An array of additional user-friendly features

Other overlooked but useful features that help you work more effortlessly in SAP Business One include:

  • Automation of recurring transactions. For regularly repeated transactions, you can define purchasing, sales or inventory templates.
  • Drag and drop option from Outlook. To easily move items from the client or web version of Outlook into SAP Business One, you can use drag and drop functionality.
  • Copy and paste options into SAP Business One. Among other options with this functionality, one helpful option is that you can quickly copy and paste batch serial numbers from Excel in SAP Business One.
  • Report delivery preferences. Customize your preferences to send a report to an FTP or to a user’s email address.
  • Simplify pick and pack. Setting user-defined fields (UDFs) helps you manage the pick and pack process.
  • Enhanced grid expansion. You have more flexibility in enlarging a table full of items to the full size of your browser window.

As an SAP Gold Channel Partner, Consultare can help you learn more about these hidden features in SAP Business One and more. Contact us today for the details.

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