Inventory Tracking and Costing

SAP Business One provides comprehensive support for inventory tracking and valuation. It supports multiple unit types, so you can purchase and sell your inventory in different units. Such as buying in cases and selling in individual bottles. You can set up warehouses in zones, managing inventory by its bin location in each warehouse.

The application lets you create unlimited price lists, integrate multiple currencies, pre-assign prices to specific customers, and define discount rules automatically applied to transactions with vendors and customers. Special pricing tools allow you to manage discounts based on volume, cash, or customer accounts.

The software supports both serial and batch number management. You can generate and assign serial or batch numbers to items received from vendors. Then draw from available batches when items are released. You can integrate barcoding to pick or transfer items between locations. This allows for efficient inventory tracking.

Costing methods – such as FIFO, moving average, serial and batch, and standard price – are fully integrated to give you a deep understanding of your item costs, letting you accurately define prices and item discounts.

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