Selecting the Right Partner for Your SAP Business One Integration

Right Partner for Your SAP Business

After carrying out independent research and carefully deciding, you’ve chosen SAP Business One, the world’s most popular ERP solution. Great choice! The next step is selecting the right SAP partner to implement, train your team and support your system. So much is riding on this decision.

How Can You Get the Best Outcome for Your Implementation?

A successful implementation of SAP Business One comes down to two key variables. One is the commitment of the top executives of your company to support the implementation financially. Then they must assign the best team to drive this initiative and make rapid decisions when necessary. The other variable is the right SAP partner.

The Right Partner Has a Specific Skill Set

The number of SAP partners is considerable. How do you choose one that will suit your company’s implementation well? Not only should a partner have strong knowledge of the product and its features but also have a set of competencies that extend far beyond that knowledge. Consider these 7 important competencies that the right partner should have as you make your selection.

Solid Business Process Knowledge

The partner who works for you understands the complexities of a variety of operations and processes and holds a clear picture of a centralized, transparent and powerful ERP solution in mind.

Excellent Project Management Skills

The right partner stays current on critical milestones for project delivery and works closely with you to resolve issues and to make decisions.

Ninja-like Change Management Proficiency

You receive guidance from the right partner on helping users transition to the new system, as well as assistance in promoting the appropriate operational culture in your company.

Flexible Approach to Moving the Project Forward

The partner who is the right match for your company recognizes your project constraints and helps you develop workarounds when necessary. And when it’s crunch time, a good partner makes a special effort to get things done.

Serious Commitment to the Project

A good partner makes sure that top management is involved in progress reviews.

Broad Experience and Confident Expertise

The right partner has gained valuable knowledge through the successful execution of engagements in the past and is ability to provide references to support this experience.

Insightful Strategizing for Enterprise IT

You know you have a good partner when you’ve given intelligent advice on not only SAP but other pertinent technological aspects. The partner also helps you carry out new plans.

It’s important to spend sufficient time and effort on determining what value a partner can bring in terms of competencies and experience. It’s just as important to not become focused solely on the financial worth of the proposals submitted by various partners. The best partner for you is committed to your company’s success and will make the best effort to ensure that the right solution is delivered on time and within budget and scope.

Consultare, an SAP Gold Channel Partner, has extensive expertise and experience in SAP Business One implementation. If you’d like to learn more about we can partner with you in implementing the right solution, get in touch with us today.

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