SAP Business One vs. SAP Business ByDesign

Years ago, company data and numbers were stored on hand-written documents that weren’t secure or easy to duplicate. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of the business, companies turned to computers and, eventually Excel spreadsheets that allowed them to easily store tons of company information while also allowing it to be readily saved.

Today, businesses have discovered that there is an even better and more efficient way to store and link data information and processes. Additionally, Enterprise Resource Planning software enables businesses to integrate multiple business functions into one streamlined process. Two specific ERP software that has particularly become popular are SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One.

But which one is right for your business?

SAP Business One

Business One is a single ERP integrated software solution designed for small businesses. Furthermore, SAP Business One streamlines business processes from end to end. It is primarily an on-premise system (cloud-based version available) that incorporates Financials, Sales, Service, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM, Reporting, and Microsoft Office Integration. The system can be customized and integrated for your specific business processes with a company such as Consultare. It is also a very stable and affordable solution for businesses looking for ERP software.

Key features of SAP Business One to consider are:

  • Typical size of User Company (in revenue) – $1 to $500 million
  • Typical size of User Company (in users) – 5 – 100+ users
  • Upgrades – There are upgrades available but have to purchase as additional add-ons
  • Fixed Asset Reporting – Limited
  • Forecasting & MRP – Limited
  • Project Management – Limited

On the last three items you are focusing on the negative.  Let’s talk about the positives.:

Ideal for Wholesale / Distribution, Process Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing and Project Manufacturing, professional services and trading companies.

Through the installation of add-ons, SAP Business one can also be used for expense reporting, revenue recognition, as well as project management, and multi-companies can use the same SAP Business One system.

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-first package designed for growing small and medium-size enterprises. Because the software operates in the cloud it is purchased on a per user per month basis. Basically, this product covers all aspects of Business One including sales, human resources, financials, customer service, procurement, supply chain management, and Office integration.

Business ByDesign allows companies to run subsidiaries and overseas branches via one system using one interface. Everything is compiled and stored in a single database. In addition, access to data is always available in real-time due to the data being stored in the cloud.

Key features of SAP Business ByDesign to consider are:

  • Typical size of User Company (in revenue) – $100 million to $1 Billion
  • Typical size of User Company (in users) – 50 – 1000+ users
  • Upgrades – 4 upgrades per year are included in this ERP
  • Multi-company
  • Fixed Asset Reporting – Yes
  • Forecasting & MRP – Yes
  • Project Management – Yes
  • Multi-GAAP reporting – Yes
  • Expense Reporting – Yes
  • Revenue Recognition – Yes
  • Sales Planning – Yes
  • 3rd Party Logistics Integration – Yes
  • Quality Assurance – Yes
  • Organization Structure Management – Yes

Business ByDesign Vs. Business One

The choice between these two great mid-market offerings depends on budget, growth, the need for customized solutions, and also the desire for an on-premise or cloud-based solution.

While SAP Business One may be designed for smaller companies, both are fully capable ERPs for companies of all sizes that are looking to continuously expand and grow. Basically, business One can meet and exceed all the requirements for small to mid-sized businesses. Additionally, with add-ons as time passes, Business One can offer many of the benefits that Business ByDesign offers at a better price point.

For more information regarding SAP Business One, contact Consultare. We are your experts in the industry and will help you take your business to the next level!

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