SAP Business One vs Quickbooks: Why?

Every business wants the best system, and getting the correct information is critical when making this crucial decision. We call these systems ERP. That stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. With several ERP solutions in the market, you might wonder if upgrading your current one will be worth it. Many businesses are torn between upgrading from Quickbooks to SAP Business One or maintaining the status quo. It is an excellent idea to make a proper comparison of the two.

However, SAP Business One is generally considered a better ERP solution than Quickbooks for many reasons.

SAP Business One is Robust

Every client agrees that QuickBooks is great for accounting purposes. But your business needs more than financial management and analysis.

This is where SAP Business One comes in. SAP Business One is all-encompassing and able to conveniently support different aspects of your business without glitches. Unlike Quickbooks, which is not entirely made for companies like manufacturing, SAP Business One is very flexible and has built-in adaptability to support your businesses throughout all stages.

SAP Business One is Scalable

No matter the size of your business, SAP Business One is built to accommodate changes without detrimental effects on the overall ERP system. Unlike Quickbooks, where you have a limit of 30 users, SAP Business One will expand alongside your business, supporting future growth without hiccups. You can have as many users as you want, and the performance of the ERP system will not be affected.

SAP Business One has so many valuable tools

Because of its robust nature, SAP Business One has many tools embedded in the system to help you with many organizational functions.

From inventory management to financial reporting, accounting, management, and data analysis, SAP Business One has a feature to support your business. With SAP Business One, inventory management is so much easier. You can track FIFO, monitor stocks, and make contingencies to avoid scarcity and meet demand at every point. As mentioned earlier, Quickbooks is not as versatile.

SAP Business One is very efficient

Because of its automated model, SAP Business one gives you direct access to data without having to access it manually. It is so well integrated into your business that it can easily pull-out information and valuable data to help you make decisions. The process is very smooth and fast, keeping your business efficiency level in a good position.   

It is a no-brainer when choosing SAP Business One or Quickbooks. If you plan on selecting a more robust system that can integrate with many types of businesses in different industries, then SAP Business One should be your first choice. It is built to be an all-in-one solution that caters to all aspects of your business.

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