Multilingual Warehouse Voice Picking: Over 30 Languages

Extend your global reach with a voice-picking system. This allows workers to select the language of their preference for any shift. Multilingual restrictions are a common factor that can prevent your distribution center from operating effectively across cultures.  The Consultare-provided voice solution has been optimized for operating in highly diverse settings worldwide. Meanwhile, other voice solutions may have trouble accounting for other languages or accents.

The solution supports 35 languages and provides prompts in each base language. From there, the proprietary software takes over. When workers set up their voice profile, the system runs a voice training model. Then the computer prompts them to respond to numbers in the way they do naturally.

The computer records how the picker responds to the prompts and records the picker’s unique accent. This trains the speech recognition software to each accent so that each worker is understood and continues to have their style of speaking better recognized the more they use the program.

However, if you have a heavy seasonal workforce, there is a setting for pick up and go, which lets you apply their base language but not spend the time on training the system to their voice. Although using the main program will be more accurate and effective, this option allows you to have the flexibility with your workforce that you need in peak seasons.

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