It’s All in the Data: The Evolution of Data Capturing in Pharma Industry

The requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act are strict. Companies in the pharma industry that will be best able to handle these new regulations use data capture to register where a product’s raw materials are coming from and who shipped them.

Why is it necessary?

Businesses that have data collection software will be better positioned to handle the rules as they come into effect over the following years. Having a mobile data capture solution will be even better. Workers can then use barcode scanners to tag items as soon as they enter the factories. Supply chain managers can then utilize mobile enterprise applications to study the information when it comes in, using their tablets or other devices.

Is there any such software?

Our Plant Data Capture is a Process Manufacturing solution for SAP Business One which allows manufacturers to capture production data and manage production tasks via mobile devices on the shop floor. Staff in the back office get access to live production data to monitor progress and make informed decisions based on the information.

Key Features

  • Production task and resource management
  • Task assignment
  • Work time registration, including quick time booking
  • Downtime registration
  • Data capture via PC, touchscreen panels, RFID devices, GS1 barcode scanners, and industrial weight scales

Business Benefits

  • Quick and straightforward implementation
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Scalable and customizable
  • Improved data accuracy
  • More precise production costing

Those in the industry already know that the world of supply chains has become very complex. With the right software for your data capturing and storing needs, nothing can slip through the cracks.

We at Consultare have comprehensive experience in serving the pharma industry manufacturers through our ERP solution tailored specifically for the pharma manufacturing industry.

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