Increasing Productivity with a Voice Picking Solution

Did you know that freeing your staff of scanners and paper pick lists can increase productivity up to 35%.

When picking items in a distribution center, the amount of time involved in the process quickly adds up. This reduces workers’ productivity. The simple actions of checking a list for a location, lifting and scanning items, and manually verifying their accuracy are often taken for granted. They are seen as unchangeable aspects of the warehouse industry. However, with the Consultare-provided voice picking solution, you can revolutionize how your employees complete their daily tasks. Thus, increasing productivity by up to 35%.

This solution allows workers to operate hands-free. They interact with the voice-picking software that guides them to their assigned items without having to stop and check for reference. The subtraction of steps between receiving an order and picking it reduces the time it takes to collect the full range of items required for each load.


When pitted against the traditional method of picking, workers using the Consultare-provided solution could complete 10 picks minutes faster than their counterparts. In addition to easing the physical picking process, the voice solution also has intelligent routing. It is supported by its connection to your WMS that maps out the most efficient route for your front-line workers to take. Rather than going in the order the items were automatically listed.

This allows workers to save the time and energy they would’ve spent walking miles across the warehouse floor. Then channeling it towards fulfilling more orders than they would regularly.

The voice solution provides you with the immediate operational benefits you desire. Without multi-year infrastructure commitments that reduce your ability to adapt to changes in the business environment. You can even add the solution to existing infrastructure such as handheld scanning, Pick-to-Light, and various automation environments.

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