Improve Quality Control Processes in Your Business

Be future-ready in the Pharma Industry

Managing a pharmaceutical company is far from an easy task, especially as it’s one of the most complex and highly regulated industries of today. Quality control is an essential operation of the pharmaceutical industry as there are many challenges and regulations associated with it.

Many pharma companies like yours worldwide were already finding it hard to keep pace with the changing regulatory, traceability, & quality control requirements, radical healthcare reforms, increasing process complexities, changing consumer reforms, volatile market trends, tight competition, and more.

Therefore, deploying a successful ERP solution has become a necessity!

But how to stand out from the competition?

Not just any ERP, you need to equip your business with a best-in-class and fit-for-purpose ERP solution.

Is there any such thing?

Yes! For SMEs in advanced manufacturing industries, we recommend Process Manufacturing software for SAP Business One. You get all the advantages that come with SAP’s international reputation for excellence, and the great ERP all-rounder that is SAP Business One, plus the highly specialized additional features for advanced manufacturers that the manufacturing software brings to the table.

How effective it is to manage quality control?

There are quite extensive Quality Control options when it comes to process manufacturing software but the beauty of this area is how customizable this is. It is relatively straightforward to tailor the solution to fit almost any Quality Control requirement.

Some of the features you can look forward to being:

  • End-to-end quality management from Goods receipt to shipping
  • A system capable of handling any complexity of test protocols
  • Automated test creation tools
  • Customizable test result management
  • Batch and Serial number tracking
  • Adaptable enough to conform to any compliance standards

We at Consultare have comprehensive experience in serving the pharma manufacturers through our ERP solution tailored specifically for the pharma manufacturing industry.

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