How SMEs Benefit From Digital Transformation

Every company can benefit from a digital transformation, but that doesn’t mean every company benefit in the same way.

Digital transformation can mean different things for different companies. The right definition depends on the needs and opportunities of the business asking. For many SMEs it is a key enabler to capture growth opportunities in new markets. By replacing manual data collection and subjective judgments, digital technology can help SMEs save money, improve security, develop new services, and even create new business models.

Developing new business models will be increasingly important for SMEs in the next two years with emerging digital opportunities. Pressure can come from new competitors as well as suppliers, partners, and customers expecting increased performance improvement.

The availability of cloud-based capabilities has transformed the way SMEs deploy the technology. SaaS has moved from early adopters towards the SME mass market. SMEs are turning to hyper-scale providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure and regional cloud providers, which are delivering turnkey solutions for many businesses.

SMEs are looking for solutions to get work done anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Mobile solutions and services are now mission-critical for most SMEs, as employees do more work on mobile devices and less on PCs and laptops.

Even SMBs in “control concerned” verticals like finance and healthcare are actively leveraging improvements in device security and management for mobile worker support Looking ahead, SMEs can also take advantage of virtual and augmented reality technologies to aid in training, field service, product design, and other functions.

Digital transformation isn’t just a vague buzzword. For SMEs, a digital transformation includes all the little steps forward that add up to massive cost savings, happier customers and new business models.

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