How SAP Business One Simplifies Pharmaceutical Processes

Think of SAP Business One as a home base for your pharmaceutical processes. While every department has its own solutions and processes, SAP Business One brings everything together in one place. It’s able to foster better collaboration and ultimately streamline companywide business functions.

That’s an appealing possibility to any business leader, but it’s particularly true for anyone in the pharmaceutical industry. Any lapse in transparency or operation leaves pharma companies vulnerable — financially as well as legally.

With SAP Business One, your pharmaceutical business model can become a focused, accountable, and well-oiled machine. Here’s how.

Improved Production Planning and Control

As a technology, SAP Business One helps your company compensate for the always-evolving pharmaceutical landscape. As both a short- and long-term asset, it enables companies to forecast production and limit potential breakdowns in their pharmaceutical business model.

SAP Business One allows for several different manufacturing types, including process manufacturing, which is the go-to for pharmaceuticals. Process manufacturing — which is also popular with chemical and food and beverage companies — uses formulas and batch-sized lots to produce individual allotments. This option enables providers to monitor their products and adjust recipes in real-time conveniently and cost-effectively.

Improved Ingredient Traceability

The pharmaceutical industry must always consider its impact on public health, and companies must hold themselves accountable for the safe manufacturing of products. For example, CGMP standards require pharmaceutical companies to use safe, informed, and compliant production processes.

SAP Business One allows companies to keep those guidelines top of mind through forward and reverse batching as well as serial number traceability. The software tracks each allotment with an individual batch or serial number to identify any potentially errant supplies. This should help minimize any negative fallout, ensuring ingredient traceability without hampering existing processes.

Improved Ingredient and Inventory Management

It’s always nice to know where your batches have been and how much longer a product will be useful. With SAP Business One, companies can oversee their pharmaceutical inventory management and how ingredients are used with FIFO and FEFO guidelines.

FIFO (first-in, first-out) specifically monitors how old products are. If a critical element of your pharmaceutical product has been in your possession longer than another version of that product, then FIFO ensures the older ingredient is used before the newer one.

FEFO (first expired, first-out) works similarly, but it uses serial numbers and established expiration dates. Rather than focusing on how long you’ve had products, it prioritizes products that will expire sooner. SAP Business One coordinates with both methodologies to ensure your products contain the freshest ingredients.

Your pharmaceutical business model can’t be left to chance. Use SAP Business One to streamline your pharmaceutical processes and act in your customers’ best interests.

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