How Management Visibility Can Ease Your Pain

By supplying the right real-time information about warehouse workflow, your company’s managers can make faster decisions.

One of the most important aspects of successfully managing a distribution center is being able to examine each of its functioning parts. Then finding ways to improve overall efficiency. When picking with pen and paper or using a scanning system, not all relevant data from each shift makes it back to the Warehouse Management System (WMS). Thus, can’t be analyzed or acted on.

Our Visibility Solution

With a Consultare-provided solution, warehouse managers can view the full set of data from all of their front-line workers. Then analyze their performance to see where they, or the layout of the distribution center, can be improved. The solution provides a daily readout. This shows the number of pick assignments completed, the average time for assignment completion, and which items consistently take the longest to pick. Having this kind of visibility integrated into the WMS gives managers the ability to restructure their space. Meanwhile, finding areas for data-driven improvement.

In addition to information about the workers and the items being picked, the system also records and reports data about the handheld Honeywell devices. They make this whole system possible. The voice solution automatically sends notifications if a device is broken or runs out of batteries. It even reports on how well the system is interacting with the workers as it also routinely checks itself for accuracy.

Voice snippets from random workers are taken to test how the system responds. This is in order to make sure every worker’s responses are being properly interpreted. This testing gives the warehouse managers and the service provider the ability to troubleshoot the system. This is great if the recognition software is not performing properly. Thus, get it back up and running for that user as soon as possible.

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