Eliminate Your Doubts About How Voice Solutions Reduce Training Time

A voice picking solution enables the rapid adoption of automation in which it takes less time to onboard new workers.

Getting onboarded for any job takes an investment of time, money, and energy from both the employee and the company, but not every job has technology proven to cut that time down. The warehouse used to be no different, but with the Consultare supplied voice solution, warehouse managers can significantly cut down the time it takes to get new employees to deliver proficient work results. The solution integrates automation into the standard picking process, enabling rookie workers to pick at speed as well as seasoned workers to improve their rates.

Voice-guided picking enables workers to be attentively guided through a tutorial of the picking process, providing repetition and presence that a supervisor can monitor remotely with a smartphone or tablet. With a traditional clipboard and pencil, or even a scanner, new workers don’t get reminders on how to perform their tasks throughout their onboarding period.

While using the proprietary tutorials, workers are given audio and video cues with intuitive teaching aids as a tour. Even in the standard picking process with a voice solution, workers have the aisle and bin number for each order read aloud to them, and are asked for updates as they move through the warehouse.

In the final pick, the system will prompt the picker for the last 2-3 digits of the item to verify the accuracy of the order. The recurring vocal confirmations throughout the picking process ensure that your new workers are performing their tasks correctly for the entirety of their shift.

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