Dashboard Analytics for Front Line Employees

Pervasive Dashboard Analytics

Embedded Dashboard analytics in transaction screens or Cockpit. Enable front-line employees to see data needed to make business decisions on the spot. Reflect transactional activity as it happens with real-time analysis. Predict future behavior with forecasting capabilities.

Customer 360°

The new advanced dashboard provides a 360° customer view. It provides key facts on customers at a glance, containing numerous KPIs and key customer data.

Interactive Dashboard Analytics

It helps users explore more information before making decisions. Improves productivity by putting the user in control of information. Leverages familiar MS Excel pivot tables to make analysis work quickly and simply.

Excel Reports

A reporting tool based on MS Excel. Utilizes SAP Business One Semantic Layer (SAP HANA views) as the data source. The Excel Report Designer tool is delivered as an MS Excel add-on.

Sales Recommendation

Product recommendations are displayed in the sidebar of sales orders and sales quotations for a customer. Recommendations are based on association rules generated from the buying history of the given customer and similar customers.

• “Recommendations for this customer” suggests products that might be interesting for this customer in general.

• “Customer who bought this item also bought” recommends products based on current items in the sales order/quotation.

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