4 Ways Consultare Curbs Compliance Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry

An old adage says, “To err is human.” That may be true, but errors in the pharmaceutical industry can cost lives and quickly push profitable companies toward bankruptcy and compliance complications.

Pharmaceutical regulations encompass the maintenance and keeping of records, which help provide the framework for preventing costly mistakes. But it’s still up to humans to oversee and implement policies. As long as humans are involved in ensuring pharmaceutical safety standards, there’s always the potential to make debilitating mistakes unknowingly.

Consultare’s ERP integrated solutions help take humans out of the equation by automating business practices. In the 21st century, there is no reason to leave processes such as incubation transfers, colony counts, and data entry to chance. An automated solution can help alleviate those concerns.

Ensuring Pharmaceutical Compliance

From ensuring batch traceability to implementing GS1 labels, the Consultare ERP eases some of the burdens of adhering to pharmaceutical regulations. Here’s how:

Improved batch scanning

A visible pharmaceutical supply chain keeps companies accountable and prioritizes patient safety. Track-and-trace system software within an ERP solution helps businesses mitigate the risk of incorrect medicinal dosages.

The automated systems give companies a method to automatically verify the delivery of accurate prescriptions to patients. This leaves fewer pharmaceutical compliance surprises and keeps patient trust in your company at a sustainable level.

Better batch traceability

Consultare also helps with ingredient traceability through the creation of batch numbers. Historically, this highly regulated process has proven challenging for information technology teams to automate.

An ERP solution smooths out those automation obstacles, creating a streamlined batch numbering process that keeps things organized and your business focused on the bigger picture.

Use of GS1 labels

The availability of a GS1 label plays a role in the automation processes and a universal supply chain standard. GS1’s standardization for RFID tracking has modernized practices by introducing the latest technology, which could ultimately save lives.

An available document management system

Consultare’s ERP integrated solutions include a document management system (DMS). Companies often attempt to use inferior solutions, such as Dropbox and SharePoint, which are not tailored for GMP-regulated operations. Our ERP integrated solutions unify document control, CAPA, audit, training, and other quality-related processes to streamline pharmaceutical compliance.

There’s no reason to keep your company in the pharmaceutical compliance dark ages.

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