Amazon & SAP Business One Integration Solution

With the emergence of the latest technological advancements, it is always possible to enhance your business efficiency. SMEs not only leverage big market players, but also ERP, CRM, and accounting systems to get the most in-depth insights and automate daily workflows. One such game-changer is SAP Business One integration – currently the most potent and feature-rich ERP system available.

But wondering how to streamline it if you run a small store on Amazon?

No Worries! The SAP Business One integration with Amazon is made easy with the Consultare team.

Consultare has developed an SAP Business One integration solution for Amazon. This solution helps businesses selling their products to better manage their inventory across multiple sales channels and markets. It helps you to not only automate critical business processes, but also streamlines your organizational data efficiently.

How does it work?

As orders come in through your Amazon store, our solution will ensure that all your orders are populated in your SAP Business One ERP system, and your inventory levels are adjusted accordingly to reflect the sale. In addition to this, all your shipping and tracking information can also be integrated between the two systems. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and increases the efficiency of your order fulfillment process.

Is it necessary to integrate Amazon with SAP Business One?

SAP Business One Integration is the ideal method for associating the Amazon Seller Central to the web store by:

  • Automating the uploading of product information.
  • Ensuring all your digital trading platforms are synchronized when sales are made via the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Automating the downloading of orders from the Amazon Marketplace to SAP Business One.
  • Automating the retrieval and distribution of Amazon Marketplace reports.
  • Improving customer buying experience.
  • Eradicating repetitive data entry and associated human errors.
  • Significantly reducing order fulfilment times.
  • Removing the need to recruit temporary employees during busy periods.
  • Reducing operational costs.

With an integration solution from Consultare, we can ensure that your commerce network is connected and communicating data bi-directionally.

Our Solution Supported Fulfillment Models

  • FBM: When your business sells its products on Amazon but is responsible for the entire shipping and handling process.
  • FBA: When your business stores its products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and Amazon picks, sorts, packs, ships, tracks and handles returns and refunds for these products.
  • Multi-Channel: When your business sells its products through various sales channels and Amazon handles packaging and shipping.
  • Multi-Market: When your business sells its products in various international markets and Amazon handles packaging and shipping.

Our SAP Business One Integration Features

  • Manage items & pricing from one single location – SAP Business One.
  • Manage inventory across multiple sales channels.
  • Manage multiple marketplaces: Do you run Amazon stores in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Africa, and more? SAP Business One and Consultare Amazon Integration manages the multi-currency needs, synchronization of orders, management of inventory and payments. It also takes care of deposits in multiple currencies, in each different bank.
  • Consolidate data: Manage one single repository of information for all your orders.
  • Avoid double entry: By having one system integrated there are no more double entry requirements, one system for all your business needs.
  • Consolidate & Manage Finances: One single source of information, one repository and one integration are all you need to manage your Amazon operation and your distribution business.

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