7 Ways to Improve Your Cloud Application

Looking at the present-day scenario, large-scale cloud computing is now accessible to everyone. It’s not just limited to big players in the market, it is now open to anybody, anywhere. The cloud can make it challenging to ensure you get the application performance of your user’s demand. Resources are shared with other entities, leading to unpredictable performance on the shared devices. Furthermore, monitoring is limited, so it’s challenging to determine where problems are coming from and address them.

Here are our seven tips to improve your cloud applications:

Utilize a Multi-cloud Strategy

A multi-cloud strategy enables a more flexible approach to availability and offers an added layer of redundancy.

Understand the Contracts

A detailed review of cloud provider contracts can help reveal provider expectations of the business relationship and information on who owns the data. Thus, ensure your company maintains data ownership to avoid questions of responsibility or intellectual property rights.

Use the Right Instances

Every cloud provider offers multiple instance types designed to support different workloads. Be sure you choose an instance that matches the demands of your workload.

Put Data in the Right Place

Moving data between the public cloud and your premises can cause performance bottlenecks if you have a hybrid cloud. Therefore, make sure you carefully consider where data should reside to minimize the need to move it between environments.

Don’t Move Everything into the Cloud at Once

When migrating applications to the cloud, work in batches rather than moving Everything simultaneously. An incremental move allows you to test and troubleshoot before moving on to the next. 

Establish an Application Management Strategy

Moving to the cloud requires a plan to manage application performance over time. Ensure the application lifecycle is closely monitored by deploying an application management strategy. 

Ensure Adequate Backup and Failover

Knowing what happens to your applications during a service disruption or worse is essential. Define a plan for backup retrieval and testing. 

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