ProcessForce Features that Enhance SAP Business One

Process manufacturing involves advanced and complex operations to meet the needs of consumers worldwide. SAP Business One has a plethora of options for automation and integration of your business needs. When paired with ProcessForce features the combination will give a comprehensive and multifaceted solution for advanced manufacturers.

Here are the eight ProcessForce features that make it the answer for SAP Business One enhancement:


Consolidation of data remains a crucial step towards increased efficacy. SAP Business One’s seamless integration translates well with the addition of ProcessForce features. All data on suppliers, products, resources, processes, inventory, and customers, consolidates into one, single database offering reliability and error-free data for all areas of your company.

A major issue for pharmaceutical and food and beverage companies is batch traceability. A proper system in place like the ProcessForce 360 degree traceability application enables easy mapping of all related traceability transactions to assess potential recalls. ProcessForce 360 does it through:

  • Traceability dashboards, a visual way of representing the supply chain
  • Relationship maps to show cause and effect
  • Predictive analytics, providing early warning signs
  • Reduction of time and cost through data integration


ProcessForce grants improved organization of products by assigning keywords, properties, and classifications with greater speed and accuracy. You’ll be able to define nutrients, ingredients, package/serving sizes, and allergens without the need of multiple spreadsheets or bespoke and accounting software.

SAP Business One with ProcessForce reduces the potential for human error while allowing operation of processes in real-time, promoting expansion of product information through precision and automation.


A high priority for manufacturers is managing the quality control process. If there are any problems from the purchase of goods to customer delivery, you need software that will update and alert you of any inconsistencies. ProcessForce offers functionality for:

  • Frequency- define method and frequency of testing
  • Items- define materials required to perform testing (safety glasses, gloves, etc)
  • Resources-define resources for testing (weight scales, microscopes, etc)
  • Alerts- business alerts for communications with inspectors on required testing


Documentation and definition of the production process requires product routing and designation of information. This is when a manufacturer defines machine control settings and properties like temperature, pressure, and machine speed. ProcessForce features provide data integration to PLC’s devices and MES applications with these definitions in mind.

In addition to designation of information, ProcessForce helps with production time through defining set-up, queue, stock time, and run time, using different rates of measure for each.


Ingredient transparency is a crucial aspect of running a successful manufacturing business. SAP Business One with ProcessForce promotes accountability through ensuring a straightforward and simple process from full batch control to forwards batch traceability. Precise data keeping and full ingredient traceability comes from:

  • Comprehensive audit trail enabling hassle-free product recalls
  • Batch management by kind of nutrition (kosher, halal, etc)
  • Food allergen data and nutritional information guaranteeing proper ingredient definitions
  • Master product data for declaration purposes


ProcessForce version 9.1 works with Microsoft SQL and SAP HANA. Because ProcessForce was made for users of SAP Business One in mind, the intuitive navigation and cohesiveness of data retrieval remains the same. An example of this are branches. Branches link to specific warehouses. When manufacturers generate production orders, the branch is copied on the default warehouse of the bill of materials. The items of the production order then receive the branch id. The branch id connects all associated production transactions. And like with SAP Business One, ProcessForce uses SAP distribution rules, cost dimensions, and projects.


Customer complaints remain an important aspect to address for any manufacturer. Whenever there are problems associated with the product, a manufacturer needs a system in place that will track returns, flag complaints as a basis for product recalls, and record complaint codes, types, and actions taken.

By managing the complete life cycle of complaints through PowerForce, customers receive the satisfaction of having their concerns addressed quickly and adequately. Additionally, employees benefit from user friendly dashboards that cut processing time even more.


ProcessForce has so many options for manufacturers to cut costs, automate background processes, and ensure precision and quality. The money saved from ProcessForce can be used to expand your business and promote great brand awareness among consumers.

We at Consultare aim to deliver the highest quality service to allow room for you to grow. Especially for manufacturers, software like SAP Business One and ProcessForce create opportunities for continued progress and promotion of an effective and thriving business.

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