Eliminate Your Doubts About How Voice Solutions Reduce Training Time

a man and a woman are talking to each other in a warehouse

A voice picking solution enables the rapid adoption of automation in which it takes less time to onboard new workers. Getting onboarded for any job takes an investment of time, money, and energy. This comes from both the employee and the company. However, not every job has technology proven to cut that time down. The […]

Reduce Warehouse Operator Turnover with Voice Solutions

a man in an orange vest is driving a forklift

With a tool to make their work more productive, warehouse operators experience more job satisfaction and minimize turnover rates. The tools available to workers have a strong influence on how much satisfaction they experience while on the job. Having technology enables them to meet their daily goals. Thus, pickers are able to be less stressed […]

Voice Picking Solutions Provide the Scalability You Need in a Pinch

a woman wearing a headset is looking at some electronics

During holidays and other peak times, a voice picking system is flexible enough to handle the scalability of additional workers and workflows. Seasonal fluctuations in staffing can make a consistent worker management system expensive to implement or difficult to coordinate. With the Consultare supplied voice picking solution, the built-in software and ability to function alongside […]

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