Comparing SAP Business One vs. Quickbooks as an ERP System Solution

a dashboard showing the number and percentage of employees

Every smart entrepreneur knows the value of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. An ERP system’s purpose is to provide continuous updates for all business processes. When comparing SAP Business One and QuickBooks, they are two of the most popular ERP solution systems. But when it comes to managing your business as it grows, which […]

Quickbooks vs. SAP Business One

a dashboard showing the number and percentage of employees

For some time, recently developed finance software has been blurring the line between accounting software and ERP systems. A lot of people refer to both concepts interchangeably to mean the same thing, even though they are quite different. Who can blame them? Accounting software like QuickBooks comes with features that help integrate business functions across […]

Platform Extensibility: Custom Development

the logo for sap one, which is used to connect sap business with third party apps

App Framework for Custom Development and Platform Extensibility Empower SAP Business One ecosystem to build flexible: lightweight, web-based, analytical applications providing business insights. Enrich traditional add-ons with web-based analytical applications on the new lightweight framework. Leverage the built-in strengths of SAP HANA to develop apps at the low cost of development on a lean stack […]

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