Successful ERP Implementations

A 12 Step Guide to a Successful ERP Implementation

Enhance Business Growth and Improve Administrative Processes

This book guides companies interested in growing and improving their administrative processes, specifically regarding implementing an ERP system.

The author, Consultare Founder, and CEO Gustavo Zientek emphasizes the importance of having a secure, efficient, and auditable system to store and utilize company data. 

While experienced consultants may know many of these secrets, newcomers to the ERP world can gain insights into implementing a system successfully.

Successful ERP Implementations stresses the importance of change management and having a project manager or a person responsible for gathering and preparing data as a point of contact with the implementation partner.

Additionally, Gustavo encourages companies to pay attention to the processes necessary to guarantee data accuracy, as data is the most valuable component in any business..

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Who is Consultare?​

With over a decade of experience in implementing SAP Business One, Consultare takes pride in being a gold partner of this platform, providing clients with the best solutions available.

Our team, consisting of less than 20 individuals, can communicate fluently in over eight languages, which enables us to stay connected with our customer base and cater to their needs effectively.

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