Set Up a Wholesale Distribution with the Right Technology

Technological advancements have profoundly impacted the operations and efficiency of wholesale distribution. Smart integrations can help order fulfillment companies significantly improve their processes, workflow, and bottom line. Wholesale distributors must evolve and adopt new technology to address modern-day problems and stay competitive in an increasingly competitive market.

Setting up wholesale distribution with the right technology for success requires businesses to understand the technologies available and the benefits they can provide. Read on to learn more about the technology that is transforming wholesale distribution.

Order Process Automation

Paper processes are time-consuming and are more prone to human error. Wholesale distributors are embracing order management solutions that allow orders to flow digitally and be managed through real-time software that tracks inventory. Sales reps quickly have access to view what’s in stock and quickly allow them to place orders for faster fulfillment.

Digitization to Enhance the Customer Experience

Enhancing the customer experience can improve business relationships and lead to higher revenues. With digitization tools that can improve product presentation to real-time inventory management, technology can improve how customers review products and interact with every sales channel.

Ensuring the customers have multiple ways to order through omnichannel allows them to enjoy an easy shopping experience through responsive software that can quickly adapt to tablets and smartphones. The same experience extends to sales associates as they navigate customer appointments, orders, and opportunities, whether in the office or on the go.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

IoT technologies are reshaping how the supply chain is managed from end to end. From robotics to intelligent computer chips to artificial intelligence (AI), the advantages for wholesale distributors include:

  • Inventory efficiencies by tags and sensors on products to track incoming and outgoing stock
  • Logistic transparencies by monitoring developments throughout the supply chain
  • Better data analytics to make strategic business decisions to ensure success

Partnering for Solutions with an ERP

Utilizing ERP software such as SAP Business One allows wholesale distributors to integrate more technology throughout their distribution centers easily. It provides seamless cooperation to real-time updates on everything from inventory management to shipping times. It can alert potential problems, manage sales orders, and monitor production.

Integrating technology into wholesale production needs to come together in one space. With SAP Business One, you can manage all aspects of your business, allowing you more control over the processes. Get the reports, KPI, and dashboards in real-time that you need to run your business all while reducing errors, building stronger relationships, and creating a more successful whole distribution process as a whole.

Consultare is a boutique Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting company. We help our clients increase their business efficiency and visibility by implementing our SAP Business One solutions designed specifically for the business and its industry.

All while providing support and serving as a trusted consultant.

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