Cash Flow Forecast

You can gain a complete, accurate, and timely picture of your cash flow. You can also Include optionally open documents like POs and sales orders in calculations.

Advanced Available to Promise (ATP)

Obtain real-time inventory transparency and minimize costs by re-scheduling sales orders. Aggregate inventory on hand promised and desired dynamically.

Intelligent Forecast

Provides Statistical forecast with built-in models, incorporating trends and seasonal factors. SAP Business One automatically selects the best algorithm. Forecast results can be used in the MRP wizard.

Delivery Schedule Management

Stay on top of your scheduled deliveries, changing quantities on the fly. See scheduled delivery date and quantity of:

  • Sales orders with positive quantity
  • A/R reserve invoices with positive quantity
  • Inventory transfer requests
  • Production orders
  • Purchase orders with a negative quantity
  • A/P reserve invoices with a negative quantity