Reduce Warehouse Operator Turnover with Voice Solutions

With a tool to make their work more productive, warehouse operators experience more job satisfaction and minimize turnover rates.

The tools available to workers have a strong influence on how much satisfaction they experience while on the job. Having technology enables them to meet their daily goals. Thus, pickers are able to be less stressed about meeting quotas.  In turn, workers stay with their jobs for longer.

The voice solution we offer is proven to bring these improvements to your distribution center. Based on data from the nearly one million person user base, warehouse managers have seen their turnover rates drop by 15% to 30%. This is after the implementation of voice-assisted picking software.

Distribution centers are known for being a strenuous work environment with high physical demands and very short periods of time to complete tasks.To combat that, this solution allows workers to operate hands-free by interacting with software that guides each worker to their assigned items, without having to stop and check a list or device for reference. Because of this, it helps to make a noticeable dent in the amount of time required to fulfill an order.

With the built in automation of the voice solution, workers are able to improve their rates across the board without having to exhaust themselves as much as they would have otherwise.

Call today to see how implementing a voice picking solution can improve your worker retention in the distribution center.

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