Process Manufacturing Benefits from Technology

Manufacturing drives the economy, and as technology advances, manufacturing has utilized technology to improve processes, production, and operations. Manufacturers have implemented technology that has increased productivity and profitability across all industries. 


3D printing, big data, and robotics are three primary tools changing manufacturing processes and operations. These three tools have been a significant factor in manufacturer companies’ ability to meet consumers’ increasing demands while improving processes and lowering costs.


3D Printing


3D printing is a process that produces objects according to a model. The 3D printers in manufacturing can print objects using various materials and create complex and customer designs rapidly and at a lower cost.


Workers would produce the process of creating complex and custom parts before the innovation of 3D printers within days through strenuous and labor-intensive processes. With the implementation of 3D printers, workers only need to set up programming and let the automation run allowing those parts to be completed within hours. The manufacturing process is streamlined with a faster turnaround for product development and production, saving companies valuable time, resources, and money. 


Robotics in Manufacturing


Robotics in manufacturing is rising not to replace human workers but to complement and streamline production. Industrial robots have become more innovative, faster, and more accurate and provide positive outcomes for the manufacturing process. Robotics provide safer work conditions when handling hazardous materials and can work faster and more accurately. Production quality is much higher, and human error is significantly reduced. 


The integration of adaptable robots designed to learn as they work is even more impressive. They can increase accuracy and productivity as they work alongside human counterparts. Workers can focus on other tasks that are less repetitive, speeding up the process and increasing productivity at an astonishing rate. 


Increased Data Analytics 


With advanced technology making its way into manufacturing, it opens up the ability to analyze big data and learn more about the processes and what’s working and what isn’t. Software and sensors help track processes from end to end and identify weak points. With big data analytics, you can know when updates and parts need to be replaced. These advancements’ impacts help reduce operation downtime, increase the time to repair, and provide more accuracy in processes. 


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