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Who is Consultare?

Consultare has over 10 years implementing SAP Business One.

Additionally, we are proudly a gold partner of SAP Business One, giving our clients access to the best SAP Business One solutions available. Our team is made up of less than 20 people, speaking over 8 languages – allowing us to stay connected to our customer base and their needs on an ongoing basis.

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12 Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation

For companies looking to improve their administrative processes, Consultare Founder and CEO Gustavo Zientek’s book “Successful ERP Implementations” provides an invaluable guide. Zientek explains how a secure, efficient, and auditable system is essential in order to store and utilize company data.

Experienced consultants find this book helpful, but even newcomers to the ERP world will gain insights into implementing a system successfully.


Consultare helps to completely customize SAP Business One

Consultare helps to completely customize SAP Business One for businesses who utilize this software, allowing for better growth and scalability.

We’re a company that’s dedicated to providing white glove solutions designed to overcome common issues faced with SAP Business One.


We meet with you to determine your specific issues with your current platform and discuss how we can help innovate your software solutions.


Creating customized dashboard plugins and seamlessly integrating your new design to make SAP Business One work distinctively for your businesses.

Continuous Support

Consultare is here for your ongoing support before, during, and after the integration of your new SAP Business One software upgrade.


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