Increased Warehouse Safety Through Voice Guided Solutions

Because workers are working hands-free and heads-up, voice-directed systems decrease warehouse-related accidents by 20%. Warehouse safety is a top concern for owners and managers everywhere, but traditional methods of picking can leave workers vulnerable to potential accidents throughout the distribution center.

Focusing on a pen and paper, or on a scanner to record information means that workers aren’t giving their full attention to the fast pace of the warehouse around them.

With the Consultare provided voice solution, you can help your workers to stay focused on both the warehouse around them and the tasks at hand. The voice solution guides employees through the distribution center with audio prompts that come over industrial-grade headsets, listing the locations step by step and requesting verbal confirmations from the pickers throughout the process.

In addition, the voice solution also uses its full read on the layout of the distribution center from the WMS to purposefully guide workers away from areas that are high risk such as high traffic lift zones. This not only improves the efficiency of the picking process but also has been shown to reduce warehouse related accidents by up to 20%.

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