Comparing SAP Business One vs. Quickbooks as an ERP System Solution

Every smart entrepreneur knows the value of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. An ERP system’s purpose is to provide continuous updates for all business processes. When comparing SAP Business One and QuickBooks, they are two of the most popular ERP solution systems. But when it comes to managing your business as it grows, which is the better and more efficient ERP solution? Let’s find out.

Basic Functionality

When it comes to the core functions of each system, SAP Business One offers more applicability. It integrates these functions:

  • accounting
  • inventory
  • reporting and analytics
  • purchasing and procurement
  • sales and CRM and
  • real-time integration

In comparison, Quick-Books’ scope of capability is a fraction of those: accounting, inventory, and reporting.


SAP Business One equipped with almost 600 prepackaged industry-specific solutions to cater to your business. No matter your niche, you’re sure to find a solution perfectly suited to your needs. QuickBooks scalability represents only 30 proprietary add-ons.

Target Market

SAP Business One supports up to 1000 employees and an unlimited number of logins. When your business grows, you still have the support of a seamless, fully integrated ERP solution. Quick-books supports only up to 100 employees and 30 users.

Custom Reporting

SAP Business One has built-in Crystal Reports that supports an impressive range of functions. It enables you to:

  • create and publish reports
  • illustrate data in charts
  • maintain a dashboards
  • calculate a Key Performance Index to suit your unique needs. Conversely, Quick-books allows for basic custom reporting with limited features.


SAP Business One enables you access based on your unique needs. It is highly configurable and customizable with flexible workflow spaces.  Quick-books, when compared, offers little out-of-the-box solutions with limited configuration.

Audit Compliance

SAP Business One is fully GAAP compliant. This helps you adhere to accepted accounting principles and procedures.  Quick-books, on the other hand, does not provide any standards-abiding audit trail.

Here at Consultare, we are confident you will not find a better ERP solution. If meticulousness, growth-friendly, niche-specific solutions, and overall business value are your indispensable business needs, contact us today for a consultation.

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