SAP Business One supports all your basic requirements for production activities by  enabling you to manage BOMs, production orders, and material requirements accurately and efficiently.

The application simplifies the definition  and management of BOMs for production, assembly, and sales. In addition to items,  you can include resources in all BOM types.  A resource might be equipment, enabling you to record capacity, or text, such as specific  instructions.

For example, with a production BOM, you can document the type, quantity, and price of materials needed to manufacture the final products; the key resources needed; and specific routing instructions as well as quantity available. Once BOMs have been  defined, production orders can be created and released.

Component and resource needs, costs, and materials availability are automatically added to your work orders.  This provides for accurate allocation of raw materials and resources to products and support for volume control.

You can initiate and track the production process and move the materials used in the process through your organization. For example, once a production order is released to the shop floor, SAP Business One can automatically issue transactions for components needed to produce the parts.