How critical is the digital platform for midsize organizations?

Every organization, small or big, tries its best to match the expectations of its customers. With Covid-19, many aspects of our personal and work lives are now conducted online via digital platforms.  Hence, it is crucial to change your business model to what your customers want. At this point, only

In Laboratory Over the Shoulder View of Scientist in Protective Clothes Doing Research on a Personal Computer. pharmaceutical processes

How SAP Business One Simplifies Pharmaceutical Processes

Think of SAP Business One as a home base for your pharmaceutical processes. While every department has its own solutions and processes, SAP Business One brings everything together in one place. It’s able to foster better collaboration and ultimately streamline companywide business functions. That’s an appealing possibility to any business leader,

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP system management and technology 3d render

Comparing Perpetual License vs. Subscription for Deployment

SAP Business One helps its users keep business simple. Through innovative technology that brings cohesion and clarity, the companies that embrace it immediately see the benefits of an ERP system.   On top of business benefits, another of the advantages of implementing SAP Business One is flexibility. Multiple deployment options

Woman holding iPhone X with Internet shopping service Amazon

How to Optimize Automated Selling on Amazon

Like other e-commerce platforms, Amazon offers its storefront owners several different business models. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is the most popular of the available options. If you’re opening an Amazon storefront, FBA is preferable because it allows owners to delegate the storage and shipment of their products to another company; this

Accountant working on consolidated financial report of corporate operations, consultant auditing finance data (balance sheet, income statement) on screen with business charts, fintech, manager

How to Know When You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks

Choosing the right business software is an investment in your company’s growth. Picking the wrong one puts your ability to plan, forecast, or execute in serious jeopardy.   Case in point: A 2016 survey revealed that out-of-date technology costs businesses as much as $1.8 trillion per year in lost productivity. That means

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