Chatbots: A Guide to Getting Started

Chatbots: A Guide to Getting Started

Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence (AI) software designed to simulate a conversation with a live user. This can be over text or phone. This is mainly for customer service portals. Additionally, it can be used for applications where software optimized to the company’s services and troubleshooting manual can help solve customer

Digital Transformation to Intelligent Enterprise: Businesses in the New Age

Digital Transformation to Intelligent Enterprise

Since time immemorial, humans have been embroiled in constant progress and innovation in all aspects of life. Since the birth of the office, we have been obsessed with increasing the productivity and efficiency of our employees at all levels of the company hierarchy. The 60s kicked off industrial automation. By

A Crash Course On Intelligent Enterprise For SMEs

A Crash Course On Intelligent Enterprise For SMEs

Intelligent Enterprise. It has become a buzzword. We hear about IE – its association with big companies – large businesses, thousands of employees, and huge annual profits. IE has taken over the world. Fortune 500 companies are making use of IE to transform their business models and to introduce true

stock transfers

Stock Transfer Management with SAP Business One

SAP Business One records goods, receipts, and issues in any warehouse. It then allows you to track a stock transfer from one warehouse to another. The application can integrate individual item prices or price lists. Meanwhile updating inventory valuation at the same time. It also fully integrates inventory and accounting

Innovation: It's More Than Just A Nice-To-Have

Innovation: It’s More Than Just A Nice-To-Have

Our day-to-day lifestyle has significantly changed in this new reality created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of how tech-savvy you were before, you – like everyone else – now depend on digital tools to manage both your personal and professional life. Many of these products, services, and platforms did not

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